TerDrew KrajenkaCompany P.H.U. “TerDrew” was founded in December 2001 by Teresa Witkowska-Horn. The company is located in the town of Krajenka, in Wielkopolska. The rapid development and efficient management of the company allowed to purchase land and initially leased production facilities and further development of an office and warehouse.

“TerDrew” is a manufacturer of fasteners – staples and pins that are used in the furniture industry, upholstery, wood and paper, leather, and even in the construction industry. The production process is carried out by qualified personnel using specialized equipment of the latest generation. Automated production line ensures the highest quality products and competition from global corporations.

In order to ensure complete customer service was established partnership with Nikema, producing pneumatic staplers and staples for all types of staples and pins on the market. The result is the exclusive distribution of products Nikema in Polish and full scope of these tools in the office “TerDrew”.

Following the spirit of the times “TerDrew” expanded its activities, and offers you the opportunity to purchase all the products in the Online Shop.

We invite you to shop and visit our website.

Teresa Witkowska-Horn